Posted by: strathkanchris | August 29, 2009

A (possible) Flocking of Oughtreds in the Netherlands

The wind is blowing and the rain pretty torrential – makes up for the brilliant summer so far I suppose – so I have been doing a bit of surfing. Webwise that is – I was really looking for my boatbuilding enthusiasm which has quite deserted me following the fiasco of the last build. Anyway I popped into Kathy Mansfield’s photo collection, looked at the Oughtred Album, which is always good for a bit of daydreaming inspiration and found a note from Bert van Baar of the bootbouwschool on the ‘De Hoop’ Industrial Heritage Park in Uitgeest,View Map. Bert is trying to organise a gathering of Oughtred Boats in the spring of 2010, his current thinking is 17th/18th April next year. The site looks just the kind of inland water that the HBBR lads seem to do best on so having braved the Norfolk Broads in the baby canoe the thought of throwing her on top of the car and going abroad is very tempting. The whole episode is quite serendipitous – following the recent posting on Oughtred boats on 70.8%  the thought that an HBBR type rally devoted just to Oughtred Gems would be exceedingly good kept surfacing, a doubtful endeavour for the UK, after all it’s difficult enough to get a handfull of owners to commit to a HBBR meet let alone a single designer rally so I kept pushing it to the back of my mind. An European gathering  is altogether on a different scale of things though and it might work very well. Bert is compiling an email list of those who might be tempted to have a continental spring break, if you are interested why not drop him a note, contact on this page, or come back here occasionally – I intend to update this post as things develop. This is also a good excuse to show a few more Oughtred boats from my snaps. You never know – the owners might be tempted to give it a whirl ;-). By the way, just what is the proper collective for a group of Oughtred boats?

Ian's own 'Jeanie II' at Portsoy

Sapphi quietly enjoying 'Stangarra' the Stickleback canoe

Richard Rooth's Elf 'Inwe'

Graham Neil's Whilly Tern 'Caitlin'

Tim O'Connor's Acorn Skiff 'Ardilla'

the MacGregor Canoe 'Scotch Mist'

Dave Wallwork's modified Puffin 'Lucia'

Nick Coppin's Tammie Norrie ' Christopher'



  1. Some possibilities:

    A scarf.
    A faying.
    A reverence.
    A lapping.


    • Gavin,
      Thanks for your contribution, given the awe with which most of us mere mortals view Iain’s output your suggestion of ‘ a reverence’ as a suitable collective is my preferred option, it hits the nail bang on the head!

  2. I cannot be a part of this as I don’t have an Iain boat, and I’m not over there but would be very willing to try and generate some enthusiasm for the gathering. Cheers, Chris, and it’s a great idea.


    • Thomas,

      Thanks for the encouragement – I think the idea has great potential and should be a lot of fun.
      If circumstances brought you over to this side of the pond at the right time then I am sure a loan of a suitable craft from my stable could be arranged ;-), I think the only real criteria for attending would is enthusiasm for Iain’s designs.


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